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Business Closure

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Business Closure

We have agents throughout the country at local regional offices, although most of our work is based around the internet and is automated. However, after we take over the administration of your business closure, it is vital to have a local presence to keep an eye on debtors and chase them up for payment of outstanding invoices and doubtful debts.

Our Business Closure and Debt Collection Agents are highly regarded in the area for their knowledge of local businesses, conditions, new developments and local news stories and for their expertise in debt collection. Our agents will call on your debtors to ensure bad debts and outstanding invoices are collected and are managed all the way through to Court action in order to enforce collection if and when required.

Even where your debtor seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth, our Business Closure and Debt Collection Agents use traditional techniques (e.g. speaking to locals, researching locally-archived material, consulting Business Link, looking at directories) as well as state-of-the-art trace techniques (e.g. databases, reverse directories, specialist websites) to find them, start debt collection action and complete it successfully.

Our local presence also allows us to deal with employees queries, ensuring that redundancy advice can be passed to employees who place more confidence in information coming from a local, near source rather than from a location faraway.

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