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We take over all responsibility for making correct payroll deductions for PAYE and NI and remitting them to HMRC within due deadlines.

We have a successful track record in debt collection of even so-called bad debts whether through enforcement of CCJs by various means through using state-of-the-art trace techniques to find absconded debtors.

As a debt collection agency, we are accustomed to act successfully for creditors seeking payment of overdue debts from debtors. After purchasing your company, we use our expertise in the collection of debts from the debtors of your company to make monies available to pay your creditors.

Since we remove all responsibilities from the current Directors of the company and take all responsibilities upon ourselves,  HMRC will be dealing with us, thus relieving you of this worry and headache.

Bank accounts are normally closed when a company is closed down. You will no longer have the worry of meeting high overdraft fees.

Looking to close your company?

Company Liquidation Procedure can help you. Only for £495.

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