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Debt Collection Sunderland Office

Newcastle Quayside
Rotterdam House

Debt Collection Sunderland

New Enquiries: 0333 222 4021

Existing Clients: 0844 6780193

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Our Sunderland debt collection office covers Tyne and Wear and is part of our nationwide network of Bailiffs and High Court Enforcement Bailiffs. A full range of debt recovery services are available including Pre-action Protocol - Litigation - CCJ Enforcement and Liquidation/Insolvancy Services.

Call us on 0333 222 4021 to discuss your case for a free no obligation appraisal.01915 800666

Debt Collection in Sunderland

Our local collection agents are on the doorstep of your debtor working under the direction of your debt collection bailiff. Using local services such as Business Link and The London Gazette we are able to research your debtor and collect your funds in the most effective way. Our experience in dealing with HMCourts Service allows us to move your case through the courts if required. Accessing council services and information our backoffice team are able to research your debtor and their activities.
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Debt Recovery Agent William Burr
Collections Agent: Ian Hager
New Enquiries: 0333 222 4021
Direct Line: 0844 6780193

Recent Debt Collection Cases In This Area

Debt RefDebt TypeDebtor LocalityDebt ValueLast Action
OAT007-RID025Consumer to Consumer Debt CollectionNewcastle upon Tyne858.43Advised Litigation to obtain CCJ
HOL114-IWA003Consumer to Business Debt CollectionHoughton Le Spring2554.20Collected debt through salary attachment
SAD015-AKA008Consumer to Business Debt CollectionNewcastle upon Tyne-160.81Purchased debt from client
PEP005-HAR302Consumer to Consumer Debt CollectionWallsend2771.20Appraisal of case to advise on method Debt Collection
MEH017-PRO083Consumer to Business Debt CollectionSunderland7456.08Forfeiture of Commercial Lease
DIG015-UKF004Business to Business (Sole) Debt CollectionNorth Shields4656.60Obtained Writ of Control to enforce CCJ
DAT005-UNI033Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionCobalt Business Park, Newcastle upon Tyne457.57Debtor paid debt and costs in full
JPB001-SEA047Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionSunderland1704.11Traced new location of Debtor
MAS046-WCG001Consumer to Business Debt CollectionNewcastle upon Tyne2019.52Statutory Demand Issued
BLA102-MAT058Business to Consumer Debt CollectionWindy Nook, Gateshead1440.20Purchased debt from client
SAD013-DEA041Consumer to Business Debt CollectionSouth Shields1331.88Obtained Charging Order against Debtor property
STU029-BAR216Consumer to Business Debt CollectionSouth Shields1151.26Obtained Writ of Control to enforce CCJ
MID032-STA118Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionWashington151.85Checked the credit rating of debtor
ORD006-NEW084Business to Consumer Debt CollectionNorth Shields1683.25Advised Litigation to obtain CCJ
AUT014-AML001Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionNewcastle upon Tyne120.36Checked the credit rating of debtor
AKI006-SWI028Landlord to Tenant Debt CollectionSouth Shields1365.00Purchased debt from client
DAV188-TEC013Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionGateshead1820.57Obtained Writ of Control to enforce CCJ
SCH024-HAZ013Landlord to Tenant Debt CollectionNewcastle upon Tyne1690.00Enforcement of CCJ through Bailiff
GOL047-FLU002Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionSouthwick, Sunderland2359.29Submitted claim against debtor to Court
H2O003-MHI001Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionPonteland, Newcastle upon Tyne6365.36Traced new location of Debtor
DOB027-MCL026Business to Consumer Debt CollectionNewcastle upon Tyne901.25Statutory Demand Issued
FEL017-FOS031Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionNewcastle upon Tyne985.96Filed for bankruptcy of debtor
ARC021-FAR067Business to Consumer Debt CollectionNewcastle upon Tyne13831.25Enforcement of CCJ through Bailiff
EWA005-PHO010Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionNewcastle upon Tyne31.66Obtained Full Collection
GAB008-PAC008Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionWhickham, Newcastle Upon Tyne14654.04Appraisal of case to advise on method Debt Collection

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