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Debt Recovery Agent Ian Ward
Collections Agent: Ian Hager
New Enquiries: 0333 222 4021
Direct Line: 0844 6780193

Recent Debt Collection Cases In This Area

Debt RefDebt TypeDebtor LocalityDebt ValueLast Action
MAR303-ADE020Consumer to Consumer Debt CollectionLondon142460.00Obtained Charging Order against Debtor property
TBC409-TBC410None Debt CollectionMaldon229.61Enforcement of CCJ through Bailiff
BIC007-TAR015Business to Consumer Debt CollectionHarborough Road, Brixworth20231.14Liquidated company
DAR049-RED045Consumer to Business Debt CollectionSurbiton 408.00Enforcement of CCJ through Bailiff
BIC007-BIL020Business to Consumer Debt CollectionPrinces Risborough4214.34Submitted claim against debtor to Court
DAT005-MAX015Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionLondon540.60Submitted claim against debtor to Court
DAT005-MOR132Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionLondon4052.16Enforcement of CCJ through Bailiff
ABU007-TBC335Consumer to Consumer Debt Collectionbirmingham8150.00Debtor agreed to pay by instalments
PAR181-CON162Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionLondon420.25Traced new location of Debtor
WAG012-SAR023Consumer to Consumer Debt Collection 1120.00Filed for bankruptcy of debtor
DAT005-AVE011Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionLondon9104.00Advised Litigation to obtain CCJ
DAT005-AVE011Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionLondon9104.00Obtained Writ of Control to enforce CCJ
DAT005-CAP030Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionDouglas, Isle of Man6035.72Eviction of debtor from property
LEE076-ALL132Landlord to Tenant Debt CollectionMargate Kent4800.00Advised Litigation to obtain CCJ
OPE009-SOL036Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionHove2717.76Successfully froze Debtors bank account
SCH027-TBC280Landlord to Tenant Debt CollectionUnit 6, 266 Banbury Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX272568.56Appraisal of case to advise on method Debt Collection
RON013-CHA212Business to Consumer Debt CollectionLondon6609.29Filed for bankruptcy of debtor
DAT005-NOD001Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionManchester6811.28Obtained Writ of Control to enforce CCJ
COO110-HAN094Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionLondon10811.20Successfully froze Debtors bank account
LIG015-STE222Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionBlackminste, Evesham229.84Eviction of debtor from property
ACM002-AEN002Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionHUDDERSFIELD5702.59Advised Litigation to obtain CCJ
WRM001-TBC257Business to Consumer Debt CollectionStanford Dingley811.52Obtained Full Collection
PUS002-BIR054Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionBournemouth9258.18Wrote Court Claim Form for Client
SKI025-SMI264Business to Consumer Debt Collection.5256.00Obtained Full Collection
INF009-RAN035Business to Consumer Debt Collection41 Leyland Rd, Nuneaton, CV11 4RP2329.87Wrote Court Claim Form for Client
DEC013-HIN036Landlord to Tenant Debt CollectionLondon1696.28Forfeiture of Commercial Lease
PRE073-INC008Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionLondon399.41Collected debt through salary attachment
FAR084-TBC225Consumer to Consumer Debt Collection.1700.00Advised Litigation to obtain CCJ
GIL078-CRO084Landlord to Tenant Debt CollectionNewcastle upon Tyne7150.00Submitted claim against debtor to Court
BAR221-ALL129Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionCumbernauld, Glasgow5613.75Purchased debt from client
BRA125-MAC078Landlord to Tenant Debt CollectionHartlepool747.00Obtained Charging Order against Debtor property
DAT005-BEE021Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionManchester33.99Filed for bankruptcy of debtor
DAT005-DAN068Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionLondon4336.88Debtor paid debt and costs in full
ABS013-GLO024Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionSwinton, Manchester2503.76Debtor agreed to pay by instalments
NAT026-SOU054Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionLondon-1263.90Filed for bankruptcy of debtor
DAT005-STU031Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionLondon5179.92Wrote Court Claim Form for Client
DAT005-ATE003Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionLondon-113.46Statutory Demand Issued
HUM025-14386Business to Consumer Debt CollectionAshford319.81Wrote Court Claim Form for Client
MAR280-AFR004Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionLondon-367.00Successfully froze Debtors bank account
WAY016-BOY027Landlord to Tenant Debt CollectionLondon1440.81Statutory Demand Issued
MOH034-NAS014Commercial Landlord to Commercial Tenant Debt CollectionNottingham3248.00Appraisal of case to advise on method Debt Collection
14291-THE294Consumer to Business Debt CollectionWimpole Street785.00Successfully froze Debtors bank account
MAT056-JED003Consumer to Consumer Debt CollectionSelby1206.25Searched for property owned by debtor
HAR276-SWE014Landlord to Tenant Debt CollectionTaunton1425.00Eviction of debtor from property
AZE001-GAN017Landlord to Tenant Debt CollectionLondon-49.58Forfeiture of Commercial Lease
UNK024-SHA161Business to Consumer Debt CollectionLeeds 6.25Submitted claim against debtor to Court
PIN018-TED009Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionNorwich883.57Debtor agreed to pay by instalments
KAT013-MAC075Landlord to Tenant Debt CollectionLondon3313.50Liquidated company
YOV001-JAL004Landlord to Tenant Debt CollectionWellingborough 5283.99Liquidated company
OSH003-CHE074Consumer to Business Debt CollectionPrestwich, Manchester16069.59Obtained Writ of Control to enforce CCJ
MRC003-PAY023Commercial Landlord to Commercial Tenant Debt CollectionLondon624.39Submitted claim against debtor to Court
WEB039-WIT017Landlord to Tenant Debt Collectiongreat yarmouth600.00Traced new location of Debtor
WAR098-NIC0076Consumer to Business Debt CollectionIpswich 3800.00Liquidated company
PIL017-TUL004Landlord to Tenant Debt CollectionBideford4024.98Appraisal of case to advise on method Debt Collection
FRE048-WAL156Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionLondon1017.64Eviction of debtor from property
VIN025-TBC108Business to Business (Ltd) Debt Collection23 High Street2648.48Obtained Writ of Control to enforce CCJ
MOO088-CAR193Consumer to Business Debt CollectionLondon7767.56Submitted claim against debtor to Court
DIG013-JOS025Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionLondon5778.80Debtor agreed to pay by instalments
APO003-TOT018Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionBurton On Trent348.78Successfully froze Debtors bank account
CUM006-RAW024Consumer to Business Debt CollectionDartford17543.46Purchased debt from client
WES075-GAE001Consumer to Business Debt CollectionSouthsea4772.13Searched for property owned by debtor
SUR013-DOW033Business to Consumer Debt CollectionLondon6254.48Obtained Charging Order against Debtor property
13743-13744Business to Consumer Debt CollectionCasa Hotel4483.00Obtained Writ of Control to enforce CCJ
ASS014-LON051Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionLondon11319.31Successfully froze Debtors bank account
KIR057-RAF005Business to Consumer Debt CollectionLondon2002.00Eviction of debtor from property
K30001-PAR151Business to Consumer Debt CollectionBRIXHAM1604.99Forfeiture of Commercial Lease
LMG001-THO145Business to Consumer Debt CollectionPoulton Le Fylde469.63Wrote Court Claim Form for Client
NUT008-NUT009Landlord to Tenant Debt CollectionLiverpool1027.00Traced new location of Debtor
BAH007-HAK001Landlord to Tenant Debt CollectionCardiff1152.50Submitted claim against debtor to Court
A1I001-TWO003Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionBirmingham10349.69Forfeiture of Commercial Lease
SAT010-SHE075Business to Consumer Debt CollectionLondon2880.00Liquidated company
EMI006-12651Landlord to Tenant Debt CollectionChatham10722.00Obtained Charging Order against Debtor property
MAC068-FIS028Landlord to Tenant Debt CollectionBathget3306.25Obtained Full Collection
GAU009-CAR180Consumer to Consumer Debt CollectionStockport 491.25Eviction of debtor from property
NAT025-HUG036Business to Consumer Debt CollectionGainsborough631.25Enforcement of CCJ through Bailiff
STE192-GRU008Consumer to Consumer Debt Collectionnewcastle upon tyne3719.25Traced new location of Debtor

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