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Debt Collection Brentford Office
Croydon Debt Collection
The Lansdowne Building
2 Lansdowne Road

Debt Collection Brentford

New Enquiries: 0333 222 4021

Existing Clients: 0844 6780193

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Our Brentford debt collection office covers London and is part of our nationwide network of Bailiffs and High Court Enforcement Bailiffs. A full range of debt recovery services are available including Pre-action Protocol - Litigation - CCJ Enforcement and Liquidation/Insolvancy Services.

Call us on 0333 222 4021 to discuss your case for a free no obligation appraisal.020 3137 3965

Debt Collection in Brentford

Our local collection agents are on the doorstep of your debtor working under the direction of your debt collection bailiff. Using local services such as Business Link and The London Gazette we are able to research your debtor and collect your funds in the most effective way. Our experience in dealing with HMCourts Service allows us to move your case through the courts if required. Accessing council services and information our backoffice team are able to research your debtor and their activities.
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Debt Recovery Agent Ian Ward
Collections Agent: Ian Hager
New Enquiries: 0333 222 4021
Direct Line: 0844 6780193

Recent Debt Collection Cases In This Area

Debt RefDebt TypeDebtor LocalityDebt ValueLast Action
DAT005-BUC041Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionSt Christopher's Place 4676.40Purchased debt from client
PRO088-ACC017Business to Business (Ltd) Debt Collection47-49 Charlotte Road18391.08Eviction of debtor from property
PLA042-SUS015Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionOne Canada Square2623.66Appraisal of case to advise on method Debt Collection
SNO010-WIL410Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionNeasden Lane33793.23Obtained Charging Order against Debtor property
SEW008-RAL008Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionMayfair-38.14Eviction of debtor from property
STD002-LAL007Business to Consumer Debt Collection55 - 56 Wellington Road17437.60Successfully froze Debtors bank account
NA052-NA053Landlord to Tenant Debt Collection30 Calderwood Street1733.00Forfeiture of Commercial Lease
DAT005-MIL128Business to Business (Ltd) Debt Collection18-24 Turnham Green Terrace-853.15Forfeiture of Commercial Lease
KAT013-JAM099Landlord to Tenant Debt CollectionHACKNEY2546.00Obtained Charging Order against Debtor property
DUN069-ACE010Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionLondon38345.32Wrote Court Claim Form for Client
ESP005-KNI030Business to Business (Ltd) Debt Collection199 Knightsbridge3696.64Purchased debt from client
SYS003-RAM012Business to Consumer Debt Collection58 Dace Road2500.00Debtor agreed to pay by instalments
TSE020-KON006Landlord to Tenant Debt CollectionGalton Court 2 Joslin Avenue4992.00Obtained Full Collection

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