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Once all the relevant Paperwork has been filled out (Directions Questionnaire, Listing Questionnaire (Pre-Trial Checklist) - if required, there will then be a hearing date set. If your claim is in the "Fast track" or "Multi Track" you would have already paid your fee, see the Listing Questionnaire (Pre-Trial Checklist) for more information.

However if your claim is in "Small Claims" then you will have to pay your fee now. We have attached the Form ex50 for you to read for more information but have snipped the document and pasted it below for your reference.

The fee for a small claims hearing vary but see the table below:

up to £300 £25
between £300.01 and £500 £55
between £500.01 and £1000 £80
between £1000.01 and £1500 £115
between £1500.01 and £3000 £170
more than £3000 £335

The hearing fee must be paid at the same time the pre-trial checklist is filed. If pre-trial checklists are not required, or the case is on the small claims track, the fees must be paid within 14 days of:

  • the despatch of the notice of the trial date or trial week; or
  • the date when you are told the trial date or trial week, if no written notice is given.

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Download forms

page_white_acrobat ex50-Guide-To-Court-Fees.pdf

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