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Debt Collection Colchester Office
Chelmsford Regional Office
4th Floor
Victoria House
Victoria Road, Chelmsford

Debt Collection Colchester

New Enquiries: 0333 222 4021

Existing Clients: 0844 6780193

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Our Colchester debt collection office covers Essex and is part of our nationwide network of Bailiffs and High Court Enforcement Bailiffs. A full range of debt recovery services are available including Pre-action Protocol - Litigation - CCJ Enforcement and Liquidation/Insolvancy Services.

Call us on 0333 222 4021 to discuss your case for a free no obligation appraisal.01473 760666

Debt Collection in Colchester

Our local collection agents are on the doorstep of your debtor working under the direction of your debt collection bailiff. Using local services such as Business Link and The London Gazette we are able to research your debtor and collect your funds in the most effective way. Our experience in dealing with HMCourts Service allows us to move your case through the courts if required. Accessing council services and information our backoffice team are able to research your debtor and their activities.
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Debt Recovery Agent Clive Edwards
Collections Agent: Ian Hager
New Enquiries: 0333 222 4021
Direct Line: 0844 6780193

Recent Debt Collection Cases In This Area

Debt RefDebt TypeDebtor LocalityDebt ValueLast Action
TPM001-JMS001Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionBasildon942.01Liquidated company
TAI018-CLA152Consumer to Business Debt CollectionBillericay1980.16Filed for bankruptcy of debtor
VIC019-STR062Consumer to Consumer Debt CollectionChelmsford15580.00Submitted claim against debtor to Court
SUT030-GAR098Business to Consumer Debt CollectionWickham Bishops, Witham2853.41Obtained Charging Order against Debtor property
ECG001-TUR059Business to Consumer Debt CollectionSouthend-on-Sea2520.00Eviction of debtor from property
SAM048-SER015Landlord to Tenant Debt CollectionBenfleet3942.01Advised Litigation to obtain CCJ
POD005-EST010Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionCanvey Island2707.90Advised Litigation to obtain CCJ
WIL388-HAN089Consumer to Consumer Debt CollectionHarlow1920.06Obtained Charging Order against Debtor property
GLE016-JEM001Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionRamsden Heath44.28Successfully froze Debtors bank account
ABA009-REK001Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionHarlow1169.34Submitted claim against debtor to Court
ECK002-CCS002Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionHarlow3799.61Traced new location of Debtor
KST002-LIV011Business to Consumer Debt CollectionLeigh-on-sea23902.51Debtor paid debt and costs in full
APP028-HCS001Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionShenfield, Brentwood-124.25Enforcement of CCJ through Bailiff
LAU019-COU059Business to Consumer Debt CollectionShoeburyness, Southend-on-Sea825.95Obtained Full Collection
BBB001-IFF001Commercial Landlord to Commercial Tenant Debt CollectionHalstead1546.09Filed for bankruptcy of debtor
GIL062-AUS021Landlord to Tenant Debt CollectionStanford-le-Hope2212.00Debtor paid debt and costs in full
LUG003-LON050Business to Consumer Debt CollectionDagenham6500.17Statutory Demand Issued
JST002-EAR018Business to Consumer Debt CollectionGrays2818.90Advised Litigation to obtain CCJ
MAL055-REI016Consumer to Business Debt CollectionRomford3734.39Obtained Full Collection
ATR001-COX036Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionRomford Road, Chigwell3376.55Liquidated company
FRE046-TWP002Consumer to Consumer Debt CollectionHalstead4276.14Submitted claim against debtor to Court
AWH002-AND090Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionGreat Yeldham, Halstead2903.54Successfully froze Debtors bank account
ALL118-GAS011Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionHornchurch2272.24Obtained Charging Order against Debtor property
FEA018-HAR252Business to Consumer Debt CollectionSouthend-on-Sea4364.87Statutory Demand Issued
MIC048-NEL017Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionChelmsford548.70Debtor agreed to pay by instalments
SIM095-ASH058Consumer to Business Debt CollectionHook End, Brentwood347.80Enforcement of CCJ through Bailiff
JPC002-PAP013Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionChelmsford35.51Eviction of debtor from property
RUB003-EXE006Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionEarls Colne 29443.33Searched for property owned by debtor
VIR009-STE196Consumer to Consumer Debt CollectionWitham214.95Searched for property owned by debtor
DHA007-GRE162Business to Consumer Debt CollectionLittle Walden, Saffron Walden3550.04Collected debt through salary attachment
VIK004-ADV016Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionHolt Drive, Colchester4280.00Appraisal of case to advise on method Debt Collection
PAT101-EMB004Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionSouthend-on-Sea4146.46Checked the credit rating of debtor
TRA064-BER044Business to Consumer Debt CollectionSouth Ockendon1277.08Successfully froze Debtors bank account
RIC107-TRA063Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionChelmsford 6554.93Wrote Court Claim Form for Client
FRE044-DUN056Consumer to Business Debt CollectionMaldon3717.00Filed for bankruptcy of debtor
1ST017-NAT024Business to Consumer Debt CollectionRomford1878.75Eviction of debtor from property
HYD007-MCE007Business to Business (Ltd) Debt CollectionSouthen on Sea7296.22Eviction of debtor from property
YOU040-STA100Consumer to Consumer Debt CollectionMarks Tey, Colchester15898.00Statutory Demand Issued

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