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County Court Judgemnt Enforcment

You have obtained a County Court Judgement (CCJ) and the Judge has ordered the debtor to pay you with immediate effect, but alas no payment is forthcoming, what are your options? Click Here to download a PDF directly from HMCTS website, Form EX321, advising on your options. Also see below.

The Enforcement of payment of a CCJ is much the same as collection of any debt; with the added advantage that no-one apart from a Judge can tell you that it is not payable. A CCJ is an order which the debtor must pay, and as such we can use our considerable experience to appraise the debt and explain what options you have and give you a likelihood of success of the different action based on details of the case to obtain a quick payment of the CCJ.

Our assistance to you as a Paralegal ensuring that documentation is written up and dead lines issued by the court are kept to and our method of collection ensures that we use leverage in our negotiation to obtain payment as soon as possible. We asses the details of the Judgment and the known details of your Debtor. Our enforcement techniques are performed in the following ways depending on the circumstances of the debtor:

  • If your debt is below £600, your most cost effective option would be to use a County Court Bailiff to attend your debtors property;
  • If your debt is above £600 then we use information to explain likelihood of success for each of the options available, your options are:
    • Attachment of Earnings - We can assist in obtaining an order for the Employee of the Debtor to pay you a percentage of their wages;
    • Third Party Debt Order - We can assist in obtaining an order for their Bank to pay you directly from the Debtors known Bank Account(s);
    • Charging Orders - If your debtor owns Freehold Property, we can assist in obtainig a charge to secure your debt against the property;
    • High Court Enforcement Officers - We can assist in obtaining a Writ of Control for the HCEO to attend your debtors property.
  • We can assist in the Liquidation or Bankruptcy Petitions of your debtor.

For each service there are different costs, however these costs, upon the Judges discression, are added onto your debtors account, therefore upon successful collection will be returned to you.

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